Healthy Marriage And Family Life Essays

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Society is based on the contributions of citizens from all walks of life, research has proven that of these citizens, ones whom are married tend to be happier, healthier, and more productive, and they provide the best environment for raising children (Kotkin). Healthy marriage and family life helps to ensure social stability and improve the quality of life for all members of society.
Marriage is recognized as the bedrock of society, federal and local governments, community organizations, and religious communities have offered support for marriage and marriage related issues. They recognize that a lack of committed marriages and two-parent families is the root of many of today’s social problems- particularly regarding the issue of child welfare according to the Witherspoon Institute. The U.S. government established the Healthy Marriage Initiative to support marriages by enabling couples to gain the skills necessary for healthy marriages (Healthy Marriage Initiative). Marriages benefit society by building and strengthening human relationships within the home among both spouses and children. For this reason, the family has long been understood as the fundamental unit of society. The interpersonal ties and community assets formed through marriage result in many positive outcomes for society. Marriage is a "seedbed" of social behavior that nurtures social connections, public and religious involvement, and charitable donating. Marriage connects individuals to the larger…

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