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Health would be described in various ways in the current world. Different sections of the society may define health in different aspects; some are of the thought that healthy living is basically the absence of illness or ailment. This group of people therefore has come up with a set way of practice which is referred to as Biomedical model of health.
This Model focuses solely on the disease/illness and the individual body functions and the biological processes involved. On the other hand, there is a different section of society that believes that healthy living comprises not only the body but the
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The Biomedical Model may appear to have good curative indications but on a broader perspective the model does not quite come out as the most appropriate. This is due to the fact that it comes out as a reductionist model, this is to say that first, it is a reductionist model. That is, it brings illness to a basic process such as cell malfunction and imbalances in chemicals instead of recognizing the role of played by other factors. Moreover it looks at illness as a solitary factor as biological malfunction without considering other outside factors. This model further fails in that it assumes the separation of the mind and body in matters of health, this can be very critical. Finally, this model puts most emphasis on illness over health where it puts more focus on alterations that lead to disease rather than the primal conditions that ultimately prompted good health.
Therefore it is safe to say that this model has far much shortcomings overriding the benefits and it is risky adapting it solely in disease prevention and healthy living. It ultimately fails to explain why some conditions need not lead to illness. Biopsychosocial Model of Health in entirety assumes the sole fact that an individual’s health is affected by both psychological and social factors. The model puts forward the hypothesis that illness is not

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