Healthy Eating Essay

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Healthy Eating After 50

Shannon Owens

UMUC ASIA Spring Session 2

April 26, 2015

Healthy Eating After 50

Aging is a part of life that is associated with high risk factors for many diseases. As people grow older, they become more prone to infections and diseases. This is because the vital organs and the immune system weaken over time. The vital organs such as the heart and the brain are also affected. The heart increases in size in most senior individuals and the blood vessels become stiffer (Morelli & Sidani, 2011). This makes the heart work harder to pump blood through the vessels thus puts the senior individuals at risk of getting hypertension (high blood pressure), cardio vascular disease
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Especially sodium, which is found to have negative, effects on senior individuals’ blood pressure levels. Snacking is encouraged while following the meal plan given that the snacks fall within the recommended guidelines for the limited foods and the foods to be taken in higher amounts. The diet is recommended for people who already have high blood pressure, people who have diabetes or chronic kidney disease, African Americans and adults aged 50 and older. This is because they are the ones at risk for developing heart conditions such as hypertension, which leads to other serious ailments.

Molecular Mechanisms of the DASH Diet

High blood pressure, increasing weight gain, inflammation and increasing blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) are what need to be prevented by the DASH diet. To do this, foods that increase metabolic activity in the body need to be increased. Resting Expenditure Rate (RER) and Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) are to be increased through intake of wholegrain foods, which take longer to breakdown and have been shown to expend more energy in the process (Chatham, 2012). This leads to the breakdown of stored fats in the body thus reducing the risk factors for an unhealthy heart. These stored fats are in the form of triglyceride and cholesterol molecules in the blood (Re, 2006). Therefore, consuming foods that take

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