Healthcare System in Turmoil Essay example

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Health Care System in Turmoil The current health care system in the United States is in turmoil for many years because of two major problems which continues to be: patient access to care and the cost of care. There are well over 50 million Americans who continue to be uninsured today and a national health care tax called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has been passed and challenged and upheld by the United States Supreme Court, as a tax not a law, here recently which is suppose to be an answer to most of our health care insurance issues. Even though most Americans may agree that our health care system is in turmoil and needs to be reformed, not everyone agrees that a national health care tax is the …show more content…
A few weeks later the Supreme Court gave its answer which was the law or tax is Constitutional and upheld it as tax. One of the biggest issues to this Act was the part where all Americans have to be insured by someone or be penalized, but the final analysis of this big issue turns out to be there really is no form of payment or fee for any American who may choose not to purchase health insurance. Some benefits of having a national insurance system such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) include: 1. Ending the long-time discrimination by most insurance companies based upon a pre-existing condition and your current health status. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), persons seeking health insurance while they already have a pre-existing condition who could not previously obtain health insurance will be able to purchase an affordable health insurance plan which will be subsidized under the 'high-risk pool". 2. The ACA will provide choices of health insurance that are affordable. Under this national insurance system, a large number of Americans will be able to obtain affordable insurance because of the creation of health insurance exchanges which will allow families to compare health plans and then be able to choose a plan that fit their needs. These exchanges will guarantee families or persons that there will always be a quality and affordable health care plan available to them even if there is a change in their employment, if they

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