Healthcare Provider and Faith Diversity Essay

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
Michelle L. Murphy
GCU: Spirituality in Healthcare
March 16, 2014
Rev. Rick Hudock

As heath care providers we need to keep mindful of the care we provide to several different religious traditions. It is up to the health care professional to respect and understand the ideals that affect our patients and their family members. In this paper we will compare the philosophies of three diverse faiths. The faiths chosen are Islam, Christian Science and Buddhism, and how they compare to Christianity. We will learn about basic beliefs, spiritual perspectives on healing, and the components of healing such as meditation, prayer and other rituals they follow. Furthermore,
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They believe that spiritual reality is the only reality, and that everything else is just an illusion. Christian Scientists view illness as a misalignment of one’s mind, not their body. By practicing this viewpoint healing is not cured by surgery, but instead through “Christian Science Treatment” which is a type of prayer. The founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy wrote a book called “Science and Health” which documented the healing of several diseases. The “Science and Health” and the “Bible” are foundations of Christian Science values. It is believed that the death rate among Christian Scientists is elevated compared to traditional medicine due to dietary habits making them more vulnerable to disease. In comparing Christian Science to Christianity, Christian Science feels that Christ the man and Christ the “divine savior” are different; also that wickedness and the material world are illusions. The Christian Science faith believes when a person dies they adjust to another state of consciousness. In 2009, Christian Science people lobbied for a provision in “health care compensation” in affirmative prayers. They wanted to be reimbursed for healthcare when the time comes that every American is mandated to have insurance. Legislation denied this request, and Christian Scientists are not excused from this law (Park Ridge Center, 2002). The last

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