Healthcare Disparities Among Racial / Ethnic Minorities Essay

1249 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Healthcare disparities exist among racial/ethnic minorities in the United States. It 's a basic human right to receive the highest quality of care regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, and the level of treatment or quality of care people receive should not be determined by their race or ethnicity. Although people are aware of this, yet not everyone gets the same quality of care or treatment in the U.S. The United States spends more money on healthcare delivery than most developed countries, and yet the quality of healthcare is lower than most of the developed countries due to healthcare disparities among racial/ethnic minorities (Lavizzo-Mourey, R., 2008). Racial/ethnic minorities are more likely to disproportionately suffer from healthcare disparity and receive low quality of care. According to the United States census (2016), racial/ethnic minorities population are growing so fast that it is projected in the year 2050 they will account for more than 50 percent of U.S. population. Therefore, in order to increase the quality of care in the U.S. healthcare system, healthcare disparities among racial/ethnic minorities must be reduced. Although there has been progression in the diagnosis and treatment of most chronic diseases, evidence has shown that racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower quality of care than non-minorities and also, patients of racial and ethnic minority experience greater morbidity and mortality from various chronic diseases than…

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