Health and Social Care Unit 5 Essay

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Unit 5 Assignment 1, Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care

The majority of cells in the human body contain a nucleus but not all nuclei are the same as there are many variations. The nucleus has the largest spherical structure within the cell, and is known as the ‘brain of the cell’ because the nucleus controls all of the cell’s activity, such as: reproduction of cells and movement. The nucleus contains strands of DNA (chromosomes) in the form of a double helix. Within the human body there are cells that have no use for a nucleus such as red blood cells and cells that contain multiple nuclei such as muscles, because they are more active.

The cytoplasm is a thick, clear semi fluid,
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Although both versions of the ER have the same membranes, they have different shapes. The smooth ER looks more like a tube where as the rough ER are in the shape of disks. The rough ER is called rough because they have ribosome attached to its surface. The function of the smooth ER is to assist with the creation and storage of lipids and steroids. The cells within the body that release oils have more smooth endoplasmic reticulum than other cells. The rough ER is extremely important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins and is used as a temporary storage for these proteins.

Golgi Apparatus
This organelle is found in most cells in the body and is also a packaging organelle. The Golgi apparatus looks very similar to the rough endoplasmic reticulum but have majorly different functions. The main function of the Golgi apparatus is to gather simple molecules and combine them with others to create more complex molecules, packages them in vesicles and either temporarily stores them for later use or send them to other cells. The Golgi apparatus is also responsible for transporting newly synthesised proteins.

Lysosome is found in all parts of the cytoplasm, which holds enzymes that were created by the cell. The purpose of this organelle is to digest unwanted substances. They can be used to digest food or break down the cell when it dies. Lysosome is able to digest all major chemicals because they contain powerful

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