Essay Health Wellness and Health Insurance

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Health, Wellness, and Health Insurance
SOC 402

Health, Wellness, and Health Insurance Health, wellness, and health insurance in the workplace has been under heated debate for years by both business owners and employees in our society. The privilege of having being in good health, maintaining that health, and having access to the health insurance to make all this possible has been extremely difficult for many Americans. In part due to the rising cost of health care and health care premiums and changes in the economy, health care is just not a luxury that many Americans have. The health and wellness of many Americans has declined over the last few decades as the availability of quality health insurance and health care has dwindled
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The growth rate of mental illness and depression is on the rise, and the overall decline of equality among Americans is on the decline as well. The growing health issues looming over our Nation are segregating our society based on beliefs, ideals, and physical limitations. This trend of health and wellness decline in the workplace is causing some major changes to take place in the American workplace. More and more employers are needing to make work areas more accessible for people with health concerns and disabilities. The goal of every social institution should be the positive influence and guidance of society in hopes to grow healthy families and a healthy social structure in the United States. There has been a growing support for individuals with health concerns and disabilities in society over the past few decades. If many Americans had access to good health insurance and health care many health concerns could be reduced if not eliminated. As technology and health care innovations grow the cost of health care grows as well. With the rise of technology comes money and with more money comes more corruption and fraudulent activities. These activities have long been done by wealthy and greedy people of power, who abuse that power to make a healthy bottom line for themselves. This has forced many people into poverty, poor living conditions, less sustainable income, and they have been nearly forced

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