Health Wellness And Health Care Essay

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Register to read the introduction… With the rise of technology comes money and with more money comes more corruption and fraudulent activities. These activities have long been done by wealthy and greedy people of power, who abuse that power to make a healthy bottom line for themselves. This has forced many people into poverty, poor living conditions, less sustainable income, and they have been nearly forced very close to famine and death. An unhealthy society is a society on the brink of disaster if not death. A lot of these practices are done behind closed doors and have taken years to be discovered, and some still remain to be discovered. Other factors are also affecting the cost of health insurance and health care. The economy has both positive and negative impacts on the cost of health insurance as well as the global economic markets. The rising costs of producing and shipping goods are being offset to the people seeking health care through higher costs. Many employers are trying to offset the cost of carrying health insurance for employees by raising the health insurance premiums and availability. These changes gravely affect employees ability to afford the rising costs of health insurance and maintain a good state of health. “Malinowski …show more content…
The privilege of having being in good health, maintaining that health, and having access to the health insurance to make all this possible has been extremely difficult for many Americans. In part due to the rising cost of health care and health care premiums and changes in the economy, health care is just not a luxury that many Americans have. Through the management and regulation of the health care system, workplace health care accessibility, and social reform we will be able to create a healthier and more well

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