Health Treatment Of Older Adults Essay

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List 8:
1. Alzheimer disease (p.122): This concept is important for all adults to know about because of the extreme complications that accompany this disease. It is hard on the patients, family, and caregivers. This disease is interesting because it has many risk factors, not just genetically passed down through generations. The risk factors are based mostly around lifestyle choices, making it seem that there are ways that one can prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
2. Respite Care (p.125): This concept is crucial for the family and caregivers of those helping Alzheimer or dementia patients. It is important because it allows those in care positions to get deserved breaks and prevent or yield the stress that comes with that care. That stress can cause a multitude of age-related disease, which means that they are compromising their own health in order to care for their loved ones that are suffering from chronic diseases.
3. Health Treatment of Older Adults (p.126): It is common for families to put their loved ones in nursing homes and other care facilities when they are unable to care for their needs themselves. It is important for all of us in the younger generations to understand that the quality of those facilities are not always up to par. Many are understaffed and others cannot meet minimum standards of health. Knowing this will help us find the right homes and places for our loved ones.
4. Breast Feeding Outcomes for the Mother (p. 129): I found this concept very…

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