Health, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, And Personal Health Essay example

1005 Words Feb 5th, 2015 null Page
After completing the “how healthy are you” assessment I’ve learned that there are various health components other than physical health that are vital in order to live a healthy lifestyle.
After calculating my scores from the assessment the results were as follows: I scored outstanding in social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and personal health, however, an average in physical health and very poorly in environmental health. Overall, I believe my scores are very accurate. For starters, on physical health I scored a mark of 13/20. I received this score because; I’m not that active on a daily basis. Even though, I’m capable of performing day-to-day tasks however; I don’t take part in any extracurricular activities. Second, on Environmental health I received 7/20 because, my lack of understanding towards this aspect. Third, on social health I received 18/20 because I am comfortable interacting with others, and adapting to various social situations. Fourth, on emotional health I received 17/20 because I can effectively express my emotions to others. Fifth, on spiritual health I received 15/20. I can easily understand myself and others around me for example: my family and friends. Sixth, mental/ intellectual health I scored 20/20. This is because, I can think clearly and make responsible decisions and learn from my mistakes.
Lastly, occupational health I received 16/20. Currently, I am a Part time student at Sheridan College in the program Mechanical Engineering and working…

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