Essay Health, Sexual, And Reproductive Health Services

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Question 1

Benefits of Sustained and Increased Investment in Reproductive Health Services Globally.

Sustained and increased investment in sexual and reproductive health services in developing countries promises tremendous benefits to women, families and societies. In addition to improved health, sexual and reproductive health services contribute to economic growth, societal and gender equity, and democratic governance (Singh, Darroch, Vlassoff & Nadeau, 2011).

Sexual and reproductive health services encompass three main areas: contraceptive services, maternal health services and services related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, and other gynecologic and urologic problems. Their benefits fall into two large categories – medical and nonmedical (Singh et al., 2011).

The medical benefits of sexual and reproductive health interventions include the prevention of deaths due to HIV/AIDS, cancer, complications of childbirth and unsafe abortion; the prevention or minimization of conditions such as obstetric fistula, septicemia, endometriosis and sexual dysfunction; better nutritional status and decreased risk of anemia for women; and increased survival rates and better health for infants (Singh et al., 2011).

Sexual and reproductive healthcare can improve women’s lives by preventing or correcting certain stigmatizing conditions and events that can affect their status in the family and in the community – among them infertility, premarital…

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