Essay on Health Related Events Of Prescription Drugs

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other health-related events.7 In addition, it is very difficult for the FDA to verify and guarantee the safety of foreign prescription drugs,4 and that is a major health problem in itself.
Another argument against this issue, is that, it is forcing patients to lie to their physicians about not following the proper prescribed recommendations.4 This is extremely dangerous, because physicians have no way of knowing what patients are doing in privacy to avoid the high cost of prescription drugs, unless they are honest. Moreover, these illicit practices by patients which can result in inaccurate post diagnosis or improper drugs and increased dosages that can be fatal.
Problem Part 3: This policy is riddled and challenges and barriers since its implementation, however, the focus shall be on the current status, because it is always good to know if an implemented policy is working or not; and what adjustments might be necessary to fix it. From the date of the signing of the ACA, there has been countless congressional hearings about the burden of the outrageous prescription drug prices on the national health care system and budget. More so, opponents of the ACA are claiming that it is a failure and are promising to repeal it once they are in the Executive Office. Donald trump, a leading 2016 Presidential Candidate bellows at one of his rally, “ObamaCare is a disaster! I will repeal it once elected into the White House.” When asked why, by Scott Pelley, Trump stated that Obamacare…

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