Essay on Health Of Health And Wellness

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Health and Wellness
Angela McCarty
Lee College In the past, people have seen health and wellness as the absence of disease, however, what people don’t realize is the consequences of not taking care of your body. Many decide to choose an unhealthy path of bad habits such as eating corrupt foods, drinking toxic beverages, and ignoring advice given by their health care professionals. To prevent an unhealthy lifestyle, individuals need to avoid bad habits that damage their body and instead adopt healthy habits that lead to a healthy life. Additionally, options from the person’s health care professional should not be taken for granite. All advice should be considered and be addressed to avoid a dangerous outcome.
The World Health Organization views health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being” (WHO, 1947). I define health as a person’s overall well-being and the quality of their life. Ways people can affect their health is by healthy and unhealthy habits. For example, a smoker will live a more unhealthy life than a non-smoker. This is because the smoker has chosen to smoke cigarettes which can damage the subject’s lungs, yet the non-smoker does not smoke and, therefore, is at less risk of developing a disease. However, sometimes people don’t choose an unhealthy lifestyle and they are at risk anyways. If the non-smoker is exposed to second hand smoking, then they are now at risk at developing a disease, yet the non-smoker didn’t…

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