Preventing Disease Prevention

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Preventing disease and injuries is key to improving America’s health. A healthy and fit nation is vital to its strength and impacts greatly productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship essential for its future. Healthy people can enjoy their lives, go to work, contribute to their communities, learn, and support their families. A sound health plan recognizes that good health does not just come from receiving quality medical care but from stopping disease before it starts. Prevention must be woven into all aspects of our lives, including where and how we live, learn, work and play. Businesses, educators, government, and every American has a role in creating a healthier nation. Action must be taken to help Americans stay healthy and fit …show more content…
Information alone is often not enough to change behaviors. Providing tools and information, making health choices easy and affordable, and improving the social environment and context in which making social decisions are made all support people in making healthy choices. Efforts to educate and motivate people to make healthy choices should occur across the lifespan, with a particular emphasis on ensuring that young people are provided with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to allow them to become healthy adults. In addition, we should provide knowledge and opportunities that support the unique needs of our growing older adult …show more content…
Through the ante-natal clinic visits, health workers can evaluate maternal health as well as fetal growth. They will advice on nutrition, immunization (both intrapartum and postpartum) for the mother and the child, birth preparedness and even breastfeeding after birth. These are core concepts of preventive clinical services in public health service delivery aimed at achieving a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and healthy mother after delivery.
However, access to this services among the rural and poor community members is still inadequate with minimal insurance cover for such services. By improving the funding of such programs, increasing staff training (health workers), and providing sufficient resources (e.g. maternity and mobile immunization) among the rural isolated communities, the government and stakeholders will not only improve the health status of the current population but also for generations to

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