Health Issues Of The World Essay

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1. There are many health issues in the world, whether they are chronic or acute the first priorities in resolving the issue is gaining knowledge about the issue. But that is still just one aspect of finding a way to resolve or cure health issues in the world. Albert Einstein once said, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand”, and that is what health professionals must do. With knowledge health professionals learn about the health issue; they learn how it affects the human body and why. But with an understanding of health issues, they will not only see how it affects the body, but they’ll also see the person being affected as well. Health professionals will see their environment, their status, and so much more. With understanding, they can examine more than just knowing why a disease or illness affects a population. Having knowledge and understanding of current health issues in the world or even just within a specific society helps implement change. It can start an uprising like in Flint, Michigan or it can be a basis for new policies and laws like Roe v. Wade. According to Toba Bryant, “…knowledge considers questions of right and wrong, analyses existing social conditions, and outlines what can be done to alter social conditions to improve quality of life” (2002).
A. Unit 1: Promoting Healthy Behavior Change
1. “The Perils of Higher Education” is an article written by Steven Kotler in 2005 explaining four detrimental health behaviors many college students have in…

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