Health Intervention In Physical Education

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Logically, “Schools are an ideal site to intervene with children. Approximately 98% of children are enrolled in school and this provides access to children and enables repeated exposure to health promotion interventions. School policies can be modified and teachers and other personnel can be trained to deliver health promotion interventions. Schools offer continuity, so successful interventions may be sustained after the initial intervention and may be disseminated throughout school systems.” (7) In 2005, South Carolina ranked 10th in the nation with respect to diabetes. At that time, 25% of school children ranges 5 to 10 had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or other early warning signs of type 2 diabetes. The legislature of South Carolina …show more content…
The student-teacher ratio for physical education will be reduced over the same period. In addition, parents are to receive fitness reports for their students in grades 5 and 8. …show more content…
Sodas and candy bar vending machines will no longer be allowed during the school day in elementary schools. Vending machines with juice, fruit, granola bars, etc. would continue to be allowed. Students consume about 50% of their daily calories at school. If students learn to make healthy food choices at school, these healthy choices will likely carry over into the family household. Menus will include whole grains, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and protein foods. Baked chips and reduced fat snacks will replace potato chips and cookies. Presenting students with lower calorie protein packed foods will improve their overall nutritional health. Eating meals that are lower in fat, sodium, and carbohydrates will reduce obesity and high blood pressure - reducing obesity translates to lower type 2 diabetes numbers.

The third major component of SHFA is nutritional education in the health programs. Student in K – 5 must have a weekly nutrition lesson. This brings nutrition into the program that is also teaching about personal safety, drug use, harmful behaviors, etc., and makes nutritional health as important as understanding the impact of drugs and alcohol. Interestingly, in the nutritional section of the SHFA, 20 minutes of actual time to consume lunch is required. That’s not

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