Health Information Management And Healthcare Industry Essay

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History of HIM
Over the years the profession of health information management (HIM) has changed like many professions in the health care industry. Trends affect health information management such as new laws on insurance and new technology. Both health information management and health informatics intertwine to create a way of supporting the users and creating an effective way to get and store information. Health information management is important to anyone in the health care industry. Advanced studies and practice throughout the years has improved to ensure the highest quality performance.
Like many professions health information management has changed. Health information management began in 1928, by the Association of Record Liberians of North Carolina and their goal was to improve clinical record keeping (AHIMA, 2013). Health information management was originally called Medical Record Science and the professionals we know today used to be called Medical Record Liberians (AHIMA, 2013). In 1980, information management began to emerge in the healthcare industry as a vast necessity. In 1990, a change in the reimbursement systems inspired a change in the way information is delivered. Today, the Association of Record Liberians of North Carolina is known as AHIMA (American Health Information Association). The mission that was formed in 1928 is still being applied to its morals and practices today. Technology delivering data is improving as a result; it is improving time,…

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