Health : Health Status And Culture Essay

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Health Status and Culture
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. With that definition being said, does it seem possible for anyone to be able to attain this complete well-being? Highly unlikely, but in order to attempt to accomplish this, one must understand what major factors contribute to preventing individuals from achieving health. Geographical heritage, cultural practices, and one’s own experience equally contribute to the quality of one’s health status and are all factors that affect groups differently both from within the group and outside the group.
Health is directly related to one’s geographical heritage. Physical environment, such as climate, water resources, soil characteristics and indigenous animals and plants, all play a critical role in health. The risk of being exposed to different diseases depends on the physical environment and what diseases were prevalent in that certain location. Also, a disease is one area may be something beneficial for another area. An example of this is high Hemoglobin, if someone living at sea level had this, it would be considered dangerous. However, if someone living at high altitude, low oxygen, environment, this would be beneficial.

Cultural practices also contribute to the status of one’s health. Different cultures might diagnosis the same health condition differently because their beliefs and traditions have taught them to do so. In the…

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