Health Disparities Within The Medical Workforce Essay

1311 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Health disparities are a prevalent issue in healthcare professions and educational institutions involved. These disparities focus on the inequalities among different populations in terms of their health outcome, in which certain populations face better or worse conditions based on their race, class, or level of education. Thus, health disparities imply that certain groups of individuals receive finer conditions or treatments in terms of access to healthcare as opposed to those that receive much less. This implies that diversity, which can range from race or socioeconomic status, is challenged, in which a select population of individuals are categorized to be treated with higher respect or little respect. By accepting this as an issue, universities as well as other educational institutions can make several measures to improve the amount of diversity in the medical workforce and to potentially eliminate the existence of such health disparities in order treat every individual fairly. Some of the measures that universities or educational institutions can take to increase diversity into the medical workforce are providing courses that regard health disparities, train teachers to raise awareness of health disparities and value diversity, and create a partnership with health organizations to expose to students aspiring to be in healthcare professions. Improving diversity not only means increasing the number of minorities in the healthcare profession but also accepting different…

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