Essay about Health Coverage For Birth Control

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Professor Emmart
CHFD 220 1008
September 20, 2016

Ethical Dilemma The Religious Employers such as, Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College have decided to refuse health coverage for birth control use because of their moral religious beliefs, from the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection which in March of 2010, signed a law that ordered group health plans for employers for the employees to accept the financial uncertainly for the plan. This contraception order to improve preventive care for females has provoked backlash from conservative and religious organizations like Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College who belief is that it disrespects some freedom of religion (AMA journal of Ethics, 2013). Religious groups or organization that are nonprofit under the Obamacare are mandated to issue free birth control benefits in their health coverage or reject because of beliefs in religion. Because of the Constitution promise the nonprofits say these demands violate their free exercise of religion. A lot of controversies have appeared about the ethical contemplation of emerging direction in our society. The new direction includes the use of birth control and consumption of genetically modified organisms among others. The attention therefore arises on the ethical involvement of regulations instituted by different organizations ( Haerens & Zott, 2012). The trend of increase in the population size in different countries has put…

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