Argumentative Essay On The Affordable Care Act

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“When it comes to women, preventive care should include coverage of contraceptive services such as birth control,” declared President Obama. Two years ago the President of the United States delivered a speech to both Houses of Congress and the world announcing that the new Affordable Care Act would require businesses to provide contraception in addition to basic health insurance to all of its employees. Mixed feelings spread across the nation, and it became clear that the act was either a step towards improving standard of living, or an infringement of religious beliefs that could not be tolerated.
According to the same statement released from the White House, the medical researchers they consulted claimed that 99% of women who reside in America
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Moreover, it is perhaps the Roman Catholic Church that is most prominently known for their outcry against not only abortion, but any kind of contraception practices. And yet, as the bill passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate, received both the President’s signature and the Supreme Court’s approval; Roman Catholic Churches across the country were forced to provide their employees with the opportunity to participate in the very sin that would be condemned at mass the following Sunday. Religious organizations no longer had the choice or the freedom to follow their beliefs, and were instead subjected to government …show more content…
November 2014 found that the Senate included nine new Republican seats that had once been occupied by their opposing party. For the first time in nearly ten years, the Republican Party; which had cooperated with the members of its country, was in control of the entire Congress. The Democratic Party was forced to take a virtual backseat as the Republican Party took the wheel. In the future the Republican majority will have both a larger opportunity combined with a greater chance of success when it comes to halting legislation proposed by Democratic President Obama. Clearly, this is a prime example of the people’s power in our democracy. When government does not acquiesce to the citizen’s desires, the people will change their representation; which demonstrates the political system at its

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