The Contraceptive Mandate

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Conservative The conservatives believe that all the rules set by the government should be followed strictly and that no exemptions will be provided to anyone. All citizens are in that case mandated to have a health insurance cover failure to which they should be charged. Also, they believe that the government will bear the cost of medical treatment for a patient who not covered and happens not to be financially capable of taking care of their medical expenses.
The conservatives also believe that it is the mandate of the employer to take care of their employees and to ensure that protective measures ensured in the form of providing condoms to the workers.
Liberal The liberal view of the individual mandate is that there would be less personal
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The controversy on employers providing contraception in the health policy plan to women has sparked a lot of media attention. Some religious organizations do not believe in family planning methods, but supports a specific kind of birth but does not engage in emergency birth control have filed against this mandate. The Supreme Court ruled that religious employers are exempted in providing free birth control for women (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, n.d.). The regulations have some revision and the Affordable Care Act give organizations the option of offering their employees plan for free contraceptives. However, if the employers reject having an affiliation with birth control, their insurance companies would have the responsibility of providing those services to women.
The law provides guidelines that citizens should live and abide by the legislation of a particular nation. The law advises that the people pay their insurance plans and ensure that all their health issues are taken care of even at their weakest times. The citizens are therefore mandated to ensure
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The women suffrage leaders fought for the rights of all women during the “Women Movement Rights” (Office of Arts & Archives, Office of the Clerk). However, other people should not have the responsibility to pay for a choice that another person chooses. The ongoing issue of abortion has existed for years and still a topic of debate in 2016. The right to life has sparked a continuous effort to ban abortions but has not supported women to use preventive methods to avoid abortions. If women want to have rights, to an abortion or birth control, then it should be their choice. Although, being pro-choice does not grant the right to decide other people private matters. The women entitled to rights, and should base their decisions according to their beliefs and morals. The Americans needed a law that would attempt to assist those in need of health care. Therefore, I like the idea of the Affordable Care Act, but mandating to force the law upon individuals is not right and punishing those that refuse to purchase insurance is outrageous. However, I am not a religious person, but the government should respect spiritual organizations’ decision not to participate in financing health insurance policies that pay for women

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