Health Consequences Of Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy Essay

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Well Child Tamariki Ora is a programme funded by the Ministry of Health which provides maternal and child health services to support and facilitate health and wellbeing in family and whanau 's from birth to four years of age. Primary health care (PHC) is drawn upon the purpose to provide accessible health care and reduce negative health outcomes. Working in primary health care as a nurse requires autonomy to undertake clinical assessments, health interventions and health education particularly during home visits for Well Child follow up appointments. Wikitoria is a 19 year old woman requiring both antenatal and postnatal care for her 8 month son Ihaia and her 16 week pregnancy. Wikitoria has stated that she is not coping with this and is drinking alcohol which is apparent on her breath. This essay will discuss and examine the objectives of potential health consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy which include fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and postnatal depression. It will also explore how support can be provided from a range of services to resolve this identified health concern as well as how this concern could have been prevented. This will be supported by relevant literature.
Ministry of Health (2015a) state that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption throughout pregnancy. Alcohol, a teratogen has the ability to cross the placental barrier into the foetus ' bloodstream causing significant risk to the unborn baby (Ministry of Health, 2015a) This…

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