Health Care Workforce Career Decision Based On The Research Of The Field

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Health Care Workforce Career Decision Based on the Research of the Field
Davon Robinson
Eastern Kentucky University

This paper explores the field Health Services Administration (HSA). The paper goes in depth of the education, training, certification, license requirement, continued education requirements, salary, etc. of the Health Services Administration career. For education, the years of schooling can range from four to six years and also six to nine years. The schooling all depends on the specific career being chosen within the field. Training falls under education. One is trained while going through schooling. Certification and license requirement go together. This is so because, both depend on where one chooses to pursue their career. The salary will have the most appeal toward choosing a career and where to pursue the career. The paper also talks about the professional associations associated with Health Services Administration, the Codes of Conduct and the Codes of Ethics. For Health Services Administration, Codes of Conducts and Codes of Ethics fall under the same category. Overall, the entire paper helps explain Health Services Administration and whether or not this field is a good investment.

Health Services Administration is known as a field of job opportunities that combines many different factors that come together to create effective public health services. A few of these opportunities include managing a database at a school…

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