Health Care Services At Olympic Medical Center Essay

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Olympic Medical Center has formed a strategic plan to help shape their vision for serving their community. The main key goal areas are quality, patient safety and satisfaction, community relationships, and organizational performance. Regardless of the ability to pay, each person in their community is welcome to receive health care services at Olympic Medical Center. Healthcare is subject to many outside control factors such as governmental regulations and payment systems such as Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies. Strategies can be limited because services may be mandated, mission required, or required to meet the needs of the community (Ginter & Swayne, 2006). This is true for Olympic Medical Center for it is recognized as a Rural Referral Center, Sole Community Hospital, and Safety Net Hospital. Rapid changes in health care delivery models, Affordable Care Act requirements, technology, and payment reform creates a challenge to stay constantly adaptable and strategic. Evaluating their plan will show how their strategy is focused on meeting their goals at every level of management.
Long-term Goals The long-term goals for Olympic Medical Center include: to provide the safest and highest quality of care possible; to give patients the care they need when and where they need it; providing specialists that meet the demands of the community; maintain a low cost structure; to serve patients in an efficient, cost-effective and quality manner by developing…

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