Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Revised Essay

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
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Foundations of Spirituality in Health Care
October 06, 2012

In this paper the author will explain what is faith and religion, and compare the philosophy of Sikh, Buddhism, and Jewish religions with that Christian and the author’s religion, include spiritual perspective and elements of healing, how necessary is to permit patient to practice their religious beliefs and rituals, and last, describe how this information could be incorporated into the daily health care professionals routine.

Health Care Provider & Faith Diversity: First Draft
The word faith has different meanings; it depends who
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Buddhist patient’s might want to bring the picture of Buddha to the hospital and also they might want to burn incense or candle, but flowers or an electrical light are a better option while in the hospital. Meditation is one of the essential practice of healing for the Buddhist Buddhism people practice different kinds of rituals and practices, these are intended to help in the path to enlightenment but also these will bring blessings. Christians and Buddhist pray using repetitive prayers. Christian believes in one god made of three distinct "persons": the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the Buddhist believe in Buddha.

Third, the Jewish religion teaches that kindness, concern and compassion are necessary to be good Jewish people. They worshipped God as total ruler of the universe, and believe that prayer forms the relationship between God and human being. They are taught to share a meal with homeless and visit sick people in hospitals. While in hospital they do not do any physical activity or task from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. Procedures or treatments should not be done during this period of time and during their major holidays. They request that their food in some holidays should be “Kosher diet; that consist of beef, or beef with dairy products. Jewish are modest people and have concerns about treatment by the opposite sex. Before major and medical decision they prefer to consult with their rabbi who is a

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