Health Care Of The United States Essay example

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Health care is the continued process of maintaining and improving physical and mental through medical services. Health care effects everyone’s lives no matter if you are an adult or child because at any time someone can come down with an illness and need immediate medical attention. The hardest part for health care in the United States in today’s world is that it continues to rise in price and also a high percentage of baby boomers are beginning to retire. With the rise in price, many people can’t afford to go to their doctor for a regular checkup due to either not being able to afford insurance or their insurance won’t cover the appointment. Many news stations will follow news that doesn’t affect our everyday lives like health care. Health care is an issue that many people don’t focus on because they think doctors are controlling it all and they will tell us when something happens. It is a continued work in progress that sees politicians all across the United States working to make it better for everyone. Health care brings us new innovations every year that help people in more ways than one person could imagine (Maxi, 2016). The advancement of medicine will not only help our country, but also many other countries who do not have the resources or funds that we have in the United States to do research. Capitalism is an economic system that has the country’s trade and industries controlled by private owners rather than it being controlled by the governing body. This allows…

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