Health Care Graded Unit Essay

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I am currently studying HNC Health Care and as part of my course I have to complete a graded unit, this will entail three stages; Planning, development and evaluation. This will be carried out while on placement within a hospital setting, within the planning stage I have to choose a patient and assist them with a nursing activity. I have chosen to follow Roper Logan and Tierney twelve activities of daily living the reason for this is that I find it to be the nursing model that is most effective as each activity has its own importance to the survival of life; also it follows the objectives of my graded unit. I have chosen the AL of eating and drinking as the patient I have chosen has severe Rheumatoid arthritis and has lost the use of her …show more content…
This is a disease of the skeletal system and as it progresses the ligaments supporting the joins are damaged this then leads to erosion of the bone this in turn can result in some deformities of the joints also the sheaths that protect the tendons can be affected and could lead to the tendon rupturing. Due to the severity of Mrs A case her mobility is restricted so procedures have been put in place to monitor this such as turning charts and water low score which is all documented on the care plan, also with relevance to her eating and drinking there is a food and fluid balance chart this will document her fluid input and output due to the function of the kidneys this is where homeostasis is achieved being the maintenance of a stable internal environment.
When speaking to Mrs A it became evident to me that she now feels that she has lost her sense of identity, as she can no longer do the things that she once loved such as working, cooking and cleaning all the things that made her the matriarch of her family this would relate to the feminist theory “Feminists claim that there is nothing in female biology which determines that woman should perform child care or house work or should be any less reliable than men”(Miller,Gibb,p205) this would then fit with Abraham Maslow’ s Hierarchy of needs this is where he believed that we are motivated

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