Essay on Health Care For The United States

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It is sad to think that healthcare is not offered to everybody in the country at a standard rate, also it’s very absurd how some people take advantage of having healthcare for free. Our health system is very unfair. All citizens should have access to the basic needs of life, this is considered a “right,” which the United States constitution is supposed to guarantee for all citizens.
I have personally worked in the medical field for 7 years now and I know how this effects so many Americans. Health care plays a role in everyone’s life, so many Americans are uninsured or have to pay a hefty premium. Health insurance can be purchased in the private marketplaces or provided by the government to certain groups.
Fortunately, I was lucky to have health insurance coverage as my husband and I are both employed. We do have to pay a big penny for our health insurance. My insurance we pay $400 a month and for my husband’s we pay around $700. We also have a deductible to meet before our coverage takes effect, my deductible is outrageous at $4,500 and his is only $200 per person! Could you imagine having to pay $4500 to get health care? This amount is very tough to pay each month considering we have daily living bills like, house payment, car payment, car insurance, electricity, water, and so much more. Would you choose to pay your rent or pay for some medical insurance? This is something we should not have to choose between.
I have seen hospitals/clinics withhold resources from…

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