Health Care At The United States Essay

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Most people have notice that health care has change and making health care unaffordable. The government needs to find a better plan to lower health care for Americans. With the health care prices increasing most Americans are going without proper care or without health care at all. Health care in the United States has become unaffordable to most Americans due to the increase of co-payments and deductibles; however, where some Americans may be able to receive Medicaid or health care through the exchange, most Americans are still uninsured due to the increasing cost of health care.
In recent years’ health care, has changed in many ways. Making health care in the United States not affordable. Health care expenditures double in less than ten years in the United States (Fox, 2010, p. 41). With health care expenditures on the rise proves most people are unable to afford health care. Health insurance premiums are the reflect some of the changes (Fox, 2010, p. 41). This means that health insurance premiums are going up. Insurance premiums has increase at a rate that is much higher than the rise in national health expenditures (Fox, 2010, p. 42). This means that with insurance premiums increasing that people will still not be able to afford health care.
Health care has become for costly for everyone that employers are having a problem affording health care for their employees. Employers have begun moving more health care costs from employers to employees, with the use of…

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