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P5, 5a, 5b – M3
Explain the physical and psychological changes which may be associated with ageing.
Physical changes that you can see as you begin to get older are:
You’re Organs:
As you begin to get older your muscles within your digestive tract can start to become really weak and would possibly start giving you the risk of having a lot of constipation. Also as you get older your heart is beginning to get less efficient and would not be able to pump the blood around your body like what it used to have done. Also the other things that could happen to your organs as you begin to get older are
• Your body metabolism starts to become more and more reduced due to the fact that the lowered performance of the endocrine glands that is
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If this happens this then could result in you gaining higher blood pressure and this could put you at a very high risk of having a heart attack or stroke, this happens because the blood supply to the brain is blocked. If these blockages happen, this could result in you having something called coronary heart disease. If your coronary artery is blocked, then the person could start to experience really bad chest pains and could become out of breath. (Health and social care level 3, Beryl Stretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010)
Cognitive changes:
When you are getting older, it can start to involve a loss of many different nerve cells within the brain and could cause a reduction in the ability of the nerves to transmit electrical signals. Although this is happening it doesn’t mean that people start to lose their ability to think logically or reason, many older people start to report things going missing because of their memory recall, for example ‘where did I put the remote?’ Or ‘where did I put my glasses’. Often older people forget more things as they get older, and it takes them longer to respond and react, for example if an older person was to drive, they might drive more carefully and slowly due to the fact they know that they wouldn’t be able to respond as well if they wasn’t concentrating enough. These slower response times and the difficultly recalling recent memories are not symptoms of dementia, senile dementia is not part of a general ageing

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