Essay on Health and Social Care Unit 12 1.1, 11.2

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1.1- Identify care needs for babies and young and children’s. * Babies and young children are vulnerable and very dependent on their parents and carers. Therefore as well as provide and children’s learning and development it is also essential that we support the physical care, keep them safe and meet their nutritional needs. * Be able to provide respectful physical care for babies and you children. * Be able to provide routines for babies and young children that support their health and development. * Be able to provide opportunities for exercise and physical activity. * Be able to provide safe and protective environment for babies and young children. * Be able to provide for the nutritional needs for babies under …show more content…
* Sterilise items that are used by babies wipe other items down with disinfectant. * Water must be changed daily and tray must be cleaned with disinfected. * Clean floor each day a disinfectant should be used. * Disinfect every time a nappy change takes place.
3.2 – Outline how to safely supervise babies or young children whilst allowing them to explore and development of children.
In order that children can enjoy being creative both in terms of creativity and learning, we can think how much available. In settings that value children creative learning we need to think how much time is available in setting that value children creativity time is abundant but where a setting places less value on it tends to be timetable or restricted. The advantages of providing time for time children to be creative are showing them and helping them. * Allowing children to take time. * Helps children to learn about processes. * Give them children a feeling of pride in their achievements. * Help them to be creative is valuable its also important for children to see good role models.

3.3 – Identify what to do if concerned about the well being of babies and young children.
When the child is taken ill outside or inside work place or environment .It’s very important to report anything concerned to the appropriate

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