Health And Maximizing Physical Activity And Athletic Performance

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Nutrition is very important when it comes to maintaining health and maximizing physical activity and athletic performance. College athletes spend various hours a day training for their sport. Although it takes skills and training to be a good athlete, it also takes a quality nutrition to perform to the best of their ability. Often times, these athletes lack the nutritional guidance and knowledge to make healthy food choices. They are often unaware of the roles that proteins, vitamins, and minerals play in the body and how much of each nutrient is required.
Nutritional needs for athletes are often higher than the average physically active or sedentary person. Athletes nutrition varies based on the type of sport they are playing, the amount of hours spent exercising, their gender, age, and body mass (Webber; 2015). It is important for athletes to have a healthy diet to perform well and also improve their long term health. Athletes who consume a healthy diet consistently, perform better than those who do not. In order to have a satisfactory nutrition, the meal should contain a wide variety of foods from all four food groups. Athletes should especially consume foods that provide high carbohydrates for energy, moderate proteins, low fats and fiber to prevent gastric distress, water and micronutrients.
Carbohydrates are very important for physically active individuals. Carbs are the major source of energy and should be the largest percentage of an athlete’s caloric intake. It is…

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