Health And Consumer Education Materials And Health Risk Messages For Cultural And Linguistic Competency

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Module 2 Assignment
Health Education Critique

Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to analyze existing patient/consumer education materials and health risk messages for cultural and linguistic competency.

Process: For your selected population and health issue, find two samples of existing health education products. Critique the health risk/ health promotion message and delivery approach (e.g. Public Service Announcement [PSA] video/commercial, educational video, billboard, brochure, flyer, poster, pamphlet, booklet, Facebook page, etc.).
For each of the samples you’ve selected, provide the title and thoughtful and thoroughly assess the following questions (using the template provided in Module 2):

Sample 1: Title
1. What is the concern being addressed in this health risk message?
2. Who is the intended audience (target population)? Be as specific as possible.
3. Who is the message source? How credible do you believe this source is to the target audience? (explain).
4. What is the recommended response or action? Please explain.
5. What is the threat or negative consequence they are trying to prevent?
6. What is the medium (method) through which the message is delivered?
7. Do you believe this medium is appropriate or preferred and accessible to the target audience? (Explain why).
8. Is the health risk message culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target population? Explain your answer. How did you assess literacy (Explain how you evaluated it for…

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