Cultural Culture Inventory Example

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Cultural Inventory
When a person looks at me the first thing that they notice is the color of my skin. Yes! It is apparent that I am a female, but how can one truly be sure that I was a born of this gender? However, when one looks at the color of my skin, it leaves no doubt that I am African American. Since the predominant culture in the United States incorporates communicating in English, practices Protestant Christian religion, and having European heritage, traits and attribute I do not possess. Therefore, my race is a co-culture. Because of the 'social effects that African Americans a subject to, it has become important to me, to be part of a community who knows the effects that racial discrimination and injustice, can have on a person of color.
Another of my co-culture is generation. Based on the year in which I was born, I am considered to be a member of the Baby Boomers. As a Baby Boomer, I was taught to always show my respect by addressing people by their title of Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr., or Sir. I obey authority and avoid confrontation. My values consist of Individual choice, self-actualizing and community involvement. The differences in education and income levels have not change, and as we age, many of us will find ourselves (mainly minorities) living in poverty. As a I embrace my Baby
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Individuals in individualistic culture put essential esteem on the self and on individual accomplishment, which clarifies the accentuation on individual sentiment, advancement, and self-expression. Having an individualistic cultures, before I decide on doing anything I always consider my family and close friends, and that is only because their interest align with mine. I my value personal rights, freedom, and privacy as well as norms that support fair

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