Head Of Bodhisattva Essay

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The Influence from the Head of Alexander to the Head of Bodhisattva

Two sculpture pieces, the Head of Alexander and Head of Bodhisattva, was created in two different time and location, but two pieces are similar in more way than just being two head sculpture from a long time ago. The marble sculpture, Head of Alexander, dated to the 2nd century, was found during excavation at the Lower Agora in Pergamon in Turkey. This is the style of portraits made by the sculptor Lysippos, who was the only Alexander’s sculptor. In the history of Alexander the Great, he became king when he was not even twenty years ago, and he died at the age of thirty-three (Cartledge). After his father 's, King Philip II, died, Alexander continued his father goal, which
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From the Head of Bodhisattva, we can see the influence from Classical art, which is the sculpture of the Head of Alexander. The head of Alexander was created under the period that was the transition from Classical Art to Hellenistic Art, but the sculpture, the Head of Alexander, has more Classical art style than. In classical style, the sculptors depict the human body in a relaxed rather than rigid posture. They improved on the rigidity and brought a more natural sense of movement and corporeality to the human figure. Moreover, after Alexander defeated Persian Empire, the military base turned into cultural and commercial centers later and played an important role in the spread of the Ancient Greek culture up to India. Therefore, the Classical art from Greek has spread into India and arrived Kushan dynasty. It merged with the Buddhism culture and the art style turn to Gandhara, which is the combination between Greek and Buddhist culture. Thus, in the sculpture, the Head of Bodhisattva, we can the classical art and it was common throughout the Gandhara art. In the Head of Bodhisattva sculpture, we can see the wavy hair of Bodhisattva also embodied that same element of Classical Greek like with the Head of Alexander which is very naturalist and wavy. Generally, the sculpture, Head of Bodhisattva, under Gandhara art got influence from Classical art after the spread of Alexander to

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