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eBay - eCommerce Platform
A case study in Scalability


Mohammad Usman Ahmed Table of Contents:

The Application and its overall architecture
Component Model and its interactions
Technological aspects of the eBay Architecture
Strengths and relative weaknesses of the Architecture
Component Model and variations
Key Quality Attributes favoured by the eBay Architecture
Evolution of the Application and its Architecture

The Application and its overall architecture
EBay is a highly successful eCommerce platform. The larger category of eBay includes
19 different platforms (e.g. skype, payPal, rent) but we'll be focusing on the search and
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This allows the developer community to customize eBay applications to their own needs and to release new useful features.
The most recent stats regarding eBay state that:
• It managers 248,000,000 registered users
• It manages over 1 Billion photos
• eBay has nearly 10,000 live applications
• eBay currently has 30 Software Architects in its employ
• eBay averages well over 1 billion page views per day
• The eBay platform handles 4.4 billion API calls per month
• 100,000+ lines of code are added every two weeks
• There are 30,000 software builds per week
• There are more than 44 billion SQL executions per day
These stats give an idea of the large scale of the eBay platform and the growth that has taken place in just a few years since the launch of this web application. The stats also indicate the key quality attribute requirements for this system to be its high availability, manageability, availability, and most of all its scalability. This case study will summarize its core architecture with special focus on its evolution to accomodate the scalability requirement which was not foreseen in its entirety at the time of its initial launch and had to be accomodated later on by a re-designing of the architecture.

Fig1. An overview of the services provided by eBay

The architecture for a system of this size goes through many

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