Hcs/490 Essay

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Community Program
Juanita Guidry
December 7, 2015
Janice Chilton

Community Program Subject: a proposal to create a new senior citizen theme program to enhance and develop in Internet skills to allow them to help themselves with their health benefits and knowledge. The purpose: I am writing this letter to propose a solution to the neglect of senior citizens with the digital technology. What this new program we will be able to allow senior citizens to be educated on computer use and digital use of technology. This will allow them freedom to know how to use the internet properly and how to access healthcare providers using the Internet. Some sentences are well equipped with using the Internet and computers. I like that we
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In today's technology world it does not stop at age so being 65 plus years old. This allows senior to have device and not understand how to use them. have these classes will allow the to know how use iTunes or apps . Also set up these class that will allow them to learn how to use their mobile devices that that kids on their relatives may have purchased for them for their own purposes. Now we will not just stop there things like internet and e-mail courses will be also offers to them so then I may be able to look into the health records via email. The digital world is taking over it is important that you senior citizens in my community know and not be afraid or frustrated with using computers. Computers can help them further their shell and find new designs to do things.
Also implement that there will be mobile classes for those who are in nursing homes are not able to get out of the home this will allow them to have the knowledge of using the computer this will be set up on a appointment basis only. A lot of our senior citizens are not able to always healthy enough to leave the house this will allow them to still have the freedom to learn how to use the computer correctly. This in this program is important to me because in Harris County we have the highest number of senior citizens in the state of Texas. According to the 2010 censuses statistics 8.1 percent oh Harris county population are 65 years and older. Many of these seven sins have

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