Essay on Hazards Of School Induced Stress

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Hazards of School-induced Stress Depressed. Anxious. Fearful. Needy. These are all symptoms of students trapped in the vicious cycle, unable to escape school-induced stress. The responsibilities of completing schoolwork constantly consume students of all ages. School is stealing the rank as the number one priority for many teens. This may be seemingly positive, but it has negative effects overall. The stress of homework and the pressure to achieve outstanding grades is causing the good health and well-being of teens to deplete, which research and statistics regarding harmful health effects, common stressors, and negative learning and social effects have proven. While those commonly known for enduring frequent stress are adults, research finds that teenagers testify to feeling more stressed than adults do; school is the main root of a bulk of the reported stress. Teens were surveyed to find the main cause, and out of those surveyed, eighty-three percent of teens stated that school is “a somewhat or significant source of stress,” twenty-seven percent accounted to “extreme stress during the school year,” and ten percent said they considered stress “having a negative impact on their grades” (Shapiro). Another survey shows that fifty-six percent of youth said homework was the biggest contributor to stress, while less than one percent convey that homework was not a stressor at all (Levy). Researchers asked parents about their students’ stress levels in school as well. Around…

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