Hayy's Three Categories

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Hayy observes the nature and realizes that objects have different attributes but all were connected in some ways and share same features. He summarizes his observations and understandings regarding the cosmos and divides into five categories. The higher categories are more complex compare to the low categories because objects in the higher order possess the traits endowed by the lower ones. The first category is the inanimate objects in the world. They have weight, depth, and shape so he concludes that inanimate objects have extension. The second category is vegetation. Vegetation grows as it intakes sun light, water and oxygen; therefore, Hayy concludes that vegetation has growth and requires nutrition. The third category is the living animal. …show more content…
The restriction on eating becomes the tradition of fasting. The fourth category is stars. Hayy thinks the heaven is limited in space; therefore, he wants to see it and starts watching stars. He looks at the sprinkling stars and thinks that stars are generous in the sense of providing heat and light to animals. Hayy thinks he should imitate the generosity of the star and begin helping animals and plants suffered from hunger or harm. Hayy also adores the purity and beauty of stars and imitates them by washing himself regularly, maintaining cleanliness, and putting fragrance on himself. In addition, he discovers the regularity in the circular motion of stars. He thinks the circular motion bears a strong resemblance to the spirit with stable equilibrium and the highest form of life; thus, Hayy begin practicing the circular movement in his cave. Taking care of the needed, staying clean, and walking in circles are three practices Hayy learned from stars. Through all these practices that eliminates his phisicality, Hayy becomes aware of the Truly Existent as well as the One Being. This inspiration leads him to affirm the oneness of

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