Hate Crimes and Why They Happen Essay

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Hate Crimes and Why They Happen
Allison M Thompson

Hate Crimes and Why They Happen
The Matthew Sheppard Law also known as Hate Crime legislation was created by the powers that be in an effort to deter criminals from committing hate crimes. This legislation was voted into law in April 2009 in a vote of 246 to 175; its purpose was to prevent crimes that were being committed against people because of their race, color, or national origin. Such criminal activity is motivated by bias that is different from other criminal acts. These criminal acts include crimes against gays, crimes against blacks and also crimes against Hispanic’s. All of this crime is committed in ways that are different from other types of assaults. One such
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Let us take a look at what the act of hating someone can do. Wednesday, October 7, 1998, a young man was tied to a fence, brutally beaten, and left lifeless and comatose. He wasn't a murderer. He wasn't a rapist. He wasn't heterosexual. He was a first year student at the University of Wyoming. He was the son of Dennis and Judy. He was the boyfriend of Pablo. He was a young man whose sexual preference was to love another male. Despite all the wonderful things that he was, it was the one thing he wasn't, the one thing he could never be, the one thing he could not control that would lead to his demise. Matthew Sheppard was the victim of a hate crime. He was murdered because of his sexuality; a part of which he was that was out of his control. Sadly enough, this is something that has happened before and will happen again. Matthew Sheppard was a young man with what may have been a promising future. He was killed for who he wasn’t not who was. What came of this young man life and death gave a name to an act that has been in existence since the 1800’s. One of the first and most common hate crimes is Race based. These crimes are committed when people are hated for the color of their skin. One such example of this form of hate crime would be the case of James Byrd .This man done time for all of the small crimes he had committed. He had paid for

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