Forbidden Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, a classical tragic love story depicts the forbidden love of two young individuals – Romeo and Juliet. Through the two young lovers, Shakespeare displays hate and love being the two most powerful forces in human nature. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, both belonging to the feuding families overcome the hate of their despiteful families to be with one another for they have fallen into passionate and unconditional love. Although, hate does a lot of damage and causes pain between the lovers and their family , but in the end love ends up being the cause of the violence. In Romeo and Juliet, the strong and the powerful emotion of love leads to inevitable acts of violence because of unabated brotherly love, grief for a loved one and unconditional loyalty to one another.

Romeo’s brotherly love for Mercutio
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The tale of two lovers teaches many things to its reader, for instance, to think before you act, effective communication is important, and love will always overpower hate. Through the play, Shakespeare taught us that to be patient and to not rush into things quickly. He taught us miscommunication can lead to unwanted consequences, similar to how Romeo not receiving the letter from Friar led to death of 3 people, Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. Furthermore, Shakespeare taught us that no matter how much hate there is, love will always conquer it similar to how the feuding families united because of the death of their children who loved each other dearly. To conclude, there are many instances in Romeo and Juliet where the powerful and the strong emotion of love leads to the inevitable act of violence because of unabated brother love, grief of a loved one and unconditional loyalty for one

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