Harry S. Truman 's Presidency Essay

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August 6th, 1945 will be a day never forgotten in history. The atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will always be connected to Harry S. Truman’s presidency, and is ultimately one of the toughest decisions a president has had to make in United States’ past. Justifying the situation was even more challenging. Having to address the general public after the fact added onto the affair, and will never be an all around positive response to the decision made. There will always be questions beginning with “what if?” as people debate the pros and cons of the situation and try to determine what the alternate choice would have done to our country and war matters if he had decided otherwise. There is no possible way for someone to know, or to be content with the choice of ending lives of innocent civilians, but there was no way to avoid this. Harry S. Truman was faced with multiple moral dilemmas, among these were killing innocent civilians and introducing weapons of mass destruction.
The death toll due to the atomic bombs in Hiroshima estimated over 150,000 precious lives and in Nagasaki, 75,000. Half of these numbers were people killed on the day the bomb went off. This number is outrageous and is a tragedy in itself to even look at these gruesome statistics, but in only affecting two cities to cause Japan to finally surrender, Truman saved who knows how many lives while putting this plan into play. Japan was strong willed and stubborn and would stop at nothing up until…

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