Essay on `` Harrison Bergeron `` By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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The future of society will eventually depend on an oppressive force to control it 's people, thus causing them to lose humanity altogether. All three stories have concluded to society becoming insensitive to others due to a single device.
In Kurt Vonnegut Jr “Harrison Bergeron”, their society makes it impossible for the people to connect in any way humanly possible. In this society, they make human equality their top priority.This society believes that human equality means that there will be no more competition. In today 's society, we have been struggling with homosexual marriage and how it is their right to be equal to everyone else in the sense of who they marry. In "Harrison Bergeron" there government created a device that made everyone with any kind of special skill or talent equal, those people were called the handicaps. One thing that this device did was replace every ones thoughts with unbearable sounds, stripping them from their emotional attachment to each other. The parents in “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., were unwilling victims of this device. The mother Hazel, witnessed her 14 year old son Harrison get murdered by the General and started to cry, but when her husband George walked into the room to see his wife crying she couldn’t remember why she was crying.This society, including George and Hazel, has accepted this new way of life including the device and their inability to connect on an emotional level. Once again today 's society is just like…

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