Essay on Harper Lee Impacted The World With Her Wonderful Life

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Harper Lee impacted the world with her wonderful life. She contributed a different way of thinking during her time. It all started when she was born and how she grew up, her education, her impact on literature by her novel, and how readers’ responded to her novel and what they individually got out of her work.
Nelle Harper Lee was born in Monroeville, Alabama, and her parents were Frances Lee and Amasa Coleman (Byers 220).Writing was interesting to Harper Lee when she was just seven years old (Mancini 10). Lee became so interested in writing that she started developing stories of her own (O’Neill 16). She was the youngest of out all four children (13). Nelle was related to Robert E. Lee who was the civil war commander in the Confederate Army (Byers 220). “A neighbor of the family, Marie Rudisill, described him as ‘a tall, angular man, detached, not particularly friendly, especially with children…. He was not the sort of father who came up to his children, ruffled their hair, and made jokes for their amusement.’” (O’Neill 13). Most children were intimidated by Robert. Frances was a good mother and nice to all her children. Lee’s mother also was a pianist. She spent majority of her time playing the piano while the family servant would finish all her duties in the house (13). Harper Lee bonded more with her father than her mother (Shields 20). Both of her parents were kind of remote to Nelle because of their ages and their uniqueness. Her neighbor Truman Capote experienced…

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