Harnessing The Power Of Wind Essays

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Harnessing the Power of Wind:
The Potential of Wind Energy in the United States
We live in a society obsessed with technology and consumed by its ever-increasing need for energy. Currently, Americans rely heavily on three main fossil fuel technologies (oil, natural gas, coal) to power their energy-consuming devices. Not only are these fuel technologies harmful to the environment, since they release large amounts of pollutants, but they are also finite (more so oil and natural gas). Additionally, the use of them (especially oil) makes America heavily dependent on foreign nations. This reliance has the potential to have negative affects economically, politically, and socially since many of the regions America imports oil from are in volatile regions. Therefore, America must search for alternative energy sources that will not only help protect the environment but also decrease America’s dependency on others.
Fossil fuels are not a part of the carbon cycle. As a result, using fossil fuel technologies adds to the carbon cycle and increases the greenhouse effect. This is likely a positive feedback mechanism for global warming. As mentioned, fossil fuels are finite resources. Consequently, at some point, each of the fossil fuel technologies used will reach their “peak.” This is the point where maximum production is reached, leading to a decrease in production from then on. In the United States, in 1971, oil reached its peak production, which has forced the United States…

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