Harley Davidson Motorcycle Case Analysis Essay

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company
As we all may or do know, there are a variety cars and motorcycles available to the American consumers to purchase, however, when it comes to touring motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, (H-D.M.C.), has been the forerunner among all of the motorcycle companies, thereby, achieving the status of Cadillac of Motorcycles.
In 1901, William “Bill” Harley was twenty one when he designed, in a small shed in his back yard, a blueprint of a small engine that he could install to his bicycle, (Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum). A few years later, in 1903, Arthur Davidson and, soon thereafter, his brother Walter, had joined Bill Harley as partners and thereby is the official birth year of the H-D.M.C, (H-D). By 1909 they introduced their first big V-twin motorcycle and in 1912 had patented their H-D logo as their trade mark. That same year they had the their first factory built and as of today is the main headquarters for the H-D, (Autoevolution).
In August of 1919, Ted Gilbert, of Portland, Oregon, performed a daring feat when he rode an H-D Sport Twin to the top of Larch mountain in Oregon through multiple obstacles, such as heavily wooded areas with large, small and jagged boulders and stones. In addition to his feat of climbing the mounted, Gilbert had created a 4 by 6 foot sign with the name and model of his H-D motorcycle so other people who would or may day in the future do the same mountain as he did, would see that goats or…

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