Happiness Vs. Success In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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Happiness V.S. Success The idea of success has been around for thousands of years; it hasn’t been until the last 50 years where that definition has started to change. The traditional values of success have been defined in a way of happiness. As long as someone is happy with their life, and have met most of their life goals than they are considered to be happy. Along with this idea, there has always been a level of materialism in America, however, it wasn’t until the millennial generation where this materialism was taken to a whole new level. Analyzing cultural artifacts of the millennial generation such as Barbie dolls, Coca-Cola ads, cologne commercials and the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Where in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the use of the establishing shot and the reaction shot really demonstrates the idea of happiness compared to success. Millennials …show more content…
The movie is based on children getting a chance to tour a chocolate factory. Then at the end of the tour the owner picks someone to run the company. Charlie ends up winning the factory because of how he behaves, compared to the other kids. The other kids represent the materialistic beings that we have become. All of them were born from a rich and material filled world. However, that was the problem. Since they always got everything that they asked for the kids did not know what to do once someone told them no. When the owner of the factory told them that they could not do, or have something, they all freaked out and broke the rules. They broke the rules and all paid the consequences in different ways. Charlie was just happy to be on the tour and inside the factory. He was content with the opportunity that he was given and considered just being there a successful day. That is why he ended up being so successful in the end, because he didn’t want anything, except the

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