The Definition Of Happiness

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The concept of happiness defines what kind of thing happiness is. It specifies what exactly a person is looking for. One important concept is happiness as an experience in a moment. We experience happiness when something good is happening to us; we feel happiness for a moment and then it goes away. It’s the good experiences that make us feel good and happy.
Jeremy Bentham agrees with the concept of happiness as an experience in a moment. He says happiness is something that motivates you to do things right now and to do things that will make you experience more pleasure. Bentham’s main point is that human beings pursue pleasure and avoid pain at all costs.
Although happiness and pain come together all the time, you need to give some stuff up
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Another view of happiness for Bentham is that happiness is a tool for social decisions, and that also applies to individual cases. Happiness is a very important factor to figure out how a society behaves because of the decisions people make.
The content of happiness can be described in two ways, as a state of mind or as what activities you do to be happy. For Aristotle, the content of happiness is that you do what you want, and you do these things for the sake of happiness. Aristotle’s theory of happiness states that every human has different desires that lead to actions that result in happiness. If the process of having desires went forever then we would eventually run empty of desires and things we want to
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Every action has to pursue the final end; actions cannot be pursued for the sake of something further, at some point they have to be finished. The third condition is that everything in the chain of actions is for its own sake. The final end is also distinctly human. For happiness to be the final end it has to be self-sufficient, active and stable. It is not possible for an animal to have a final end because they act by instinct and do not have a rational choice in their options; they only fulfill their needs, that is why the final end is distinctly

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